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Exploring Kansas
We Build Prospects From The Groud Up
Cobalt develops approximately 75% of its prospects in-house, with the balance being sourced from independent geologists and companies outside of Cobalt. Here’s a look at how the process typically unfolds.
Drilling With 3D
  Although not all prospects are developed the same way, the vast majority of our prospects are first identified by regional geologic research. This extensive evaluation is the foundation for any successful prospect.

Research is the foundation for every successful prospect Drilling With 3D
  A more focused, specific area of interest is identified, and a thorough sub-surface analysis is performed. Much of the time, Cobalt elects to perform a 3D seismic survey over the prospect to confirm the original geologic idea. In most projects, it is not Cobalt’s intention to utilize 3D seismic as the primary exploration tool.  
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